Welcome Home

We are a group of veterans that share the honor of military service, which has shaped our lives and helped preserve our nation's freedom.  We have members from the Vietnam era to recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - but we have an unbreakable bond that unites us all as brothers and sisters.  This bond is strengthened by our mutual enjoyment of riding motorcycles, embracing life and dedication to our mission of "vets helping vets".


Our Mission is to:

   - Ensure every vet is treated with the dignity and the respect they deserve.

   - Offer assistance to vets in need.

   - Make a difference in the fight against PTSD/TBI.


We honor and respect our Prisoners of War and those still missing in Action:

   - To those that went before us, we say "Job well done!"

   - To those who came behind us, we say "Keep it up!"

   - To those with us we say "Thank you, Brother and Sister!"

   - To every veteran we say "Welcome Home!"

Potential Members

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Chapter 27-2 of Northern Virginia welcomes your communique with our Chapter Officers. You can find a list of Chapter Officers and their contact information at the Contact Us Tab.  If you have any questions concerning our Organization, its purpose, its mission or its strategic direction that is not answered on this web site, please email the Chapter Secretary at CVMA 27-2 SECRETARY


Membership requirements include being a person of good character as well as possessing a current motorcycle endorsed drivers license by your state of domicile and to own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or above.


There are three categories of membership:


      1) Full Member,

      2) Support Member, and

      3) Auxiliary Member.


Application Process

Attending a monthly meeting is recommended for all potential members of CVMA 27-2, you should have an opportunity to check us out before completing an application.  You are also welcome to ride with us to ensure we are a good fit for you.  Lastly, we suggest you browse our website to gain a better understanding of our lives as CVMA 27-2 members.

After completing the application make sure you have the required document(s) and have made arrangements to pay the application fee.  You may pay the application fee by check, cash, or PayPal.  This covers the application fee and your first year's dues.  If you pay by check make the check payable to CVMA 27-2, the amount of the fee is outlined below.  If you are paying by either check or cash make sure you have all the required paperwork with your applications and give everything to the Chapter Secretary.  If you use PayPal, send the fee to treasurercvma272@gmail.com as friends or family; in the remarks of PayPal provide your name, road name and state this is for <blank> member fee.


Application Fee for a Full Member is $20.00, a check is made payable to CVMA 27-2.


Application Fee for a Support Member is $10.00, a check is made payable to CVMA 27-2.


Application Fee for an Auxiliary Member is $10.00, a check is made payable to CVMA 27-2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What proof do I have to show to be eligible to join as a Full Member?

A: You MUST have a DD 214 showing your combat service or verifiable, official documentation showing a combat award.

Q: What if I don’t have a DD-214 or mine is inaccurate?

A: You can request a current copy of your service records at the National Archives website HERE ( http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/ ).

In order to join the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association as a FULL MEMBER you MUST be able to PROVE your combat service

Q: Do I have to own a motorcycle?

A: Yes! You MUST own a motorcycle, 500 cc’s or larger and have a valid registration and insurance in YOUR name. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Honda, Yamaha or Harley Davidson. Just a motorcycle; we’re not picky but it’s helpful to have fuel range of over 100 miles and should be able to ride at least 70 MPH for a sustained period of time on the freeway. Your bike should also be mechanically sound.

Q: If I’m a veteran but have never been to a combat zone, am I eligible to join?

A: In certain cases you MAY be able to join the CVMA as avSupport Member. Each chapter may have up to one Support Member for every ten Full Members. We welcome all vets to come ride with us whether you’re a member or not.

Support members are required to submit their application with proof of military service through a CVMA Full Member SPONSOR who has held a membership for not less than one year. Support members are required to have either ridden a minimum of 3,000 miles with their sponsor, attended three CVMA events or be known by their sponsor for a minimum of 6 months. A full member submitting an application for a support member should verify they meet the above criteria. Only 1 support member can be vouched on per year by an individual CVMA member.

Q: What are the qualifications for an Auxiliary Member?

A; An Auxiliary Member MUST be the current spouse of a Full Member. You’ll need to submit an application and submit it along with a marriage certificate and the applicable payment for dues.

Q: What are the three levels of Membership?

A: Full Member. Support Member and Auxiliary Member.

Q: How do I transfer my CVMA membership to another state?

Contact your current State Rep (SR) and ask him/her to transfer you to your new state. Once the transfer has be completed, contact the SR for your NEW state and ask him/her to insert you into the chapter of your choice.

Q: Are you an MC?

A: We are NOT an MC. We are a Motorcycle Association. We are neutral and claim no territory and no allegiance to any club.

Q: How long will it take for my application to be processed?

A: Application processing (download application above) by our National organization times vary but typically within 30 days.

~Have more questions? – Let us know.~