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Potential Members

Membership requirements include being a person of good character as well as possessing a current motorcycle endorsed driver's license by your state of domicile, and to own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or above. 

There are three categories of membership:

  1. Full Member (combat vet)

  2. Support Member (non-combat vet)

  3. Auxiliary Member (spouse of FM or Sup)

In order to apply to become a Full or Support member, you must show your DD-214 (member 4 copy) as proof of creditable military service.


Veterans who have not deployed to a combat zone are eligible to apply for membership as a Support Member. 

Support Members are required to submit their application with proof of military service through a CVMA Full Member SPONSOR who has held membership for at least one year. Support members are required to have either ridden a minimum of 3,000 miles with their sponsor, attended (3) CVMA events, or be known to their sponsor for a minimum of 6 months. 

Auxiliary Members MUST be the current spouse of a Full or Support Member. A copy of your marriage certificate must be submitted along with your application and dues.

Contact the CVMA 27-2 Secretary

for questions or to begin an application.

  • Email
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Application Process

Attending a monthly meeting or joining us for a ride to ensure we are a good fit for you is recommended for all potential new members of CVMA 27-2. We also suggest you browse our website to gain a better understanding of our lives as CVMA 27-2 members. 

After completing the application make sure you have the required document(s) for your desired membership (e.g., DD214, Copy of driver's license, marriage certificate, etc.).  You will need to make arrangements with the CVMA 27-2 Chapter Secretary to submit your application, collect documents, and make payment arrangements if paying by check or cash. If you use PayPal, send the fee to treasurercvma272@gmail as friends or family. *Include name, road name, and "VA" in the member fee remarks. 

Application Fees:

  • Full Member - $20.00

  • Support Member - $20.00

  • Auxiliary Member - $10.00

Application processing can vary by our National organization but typically takes no more than 30 days. 

Once your application process is complete, the chapter leadership will coordinate your patching in ceremony. 



Membership FAQs

Q: What proof do I have to show to be eligible to join as a Full Member?

A: You MUST have a DD-214 showing your combat service or verifiable, official documentation showing a combat award. 

Q: What if I don't have e a DD-214, or mine is inaccurate?

A:  You can request a current copy of your service records at the National Archives website: HERE ( 

Q: Do I have to own a motorcycle?

A: Yes. You MUST own a motorcycle 500cc or larger and have a valid registration and insurance. 

Q:  Do I need to be a member to ride or attend an event with CVMA 27-2?

A:  No. We welcome ALL vets to ride with CVMA 27-2 whether you are a member or not.  

Q: I want to become a Support Member but do not have a sponsor yet - what do I do? 

A: Come to meeting or event to express your interest in membership and meet our Full Members who can potentially sponsor your application. Don't be shy - we are a family!

Q: How do I transfer my CVMA membership to/from another state?

A: Contact your current State Rep (SR) and ask them to transfer you to your new state. Once the transfer has been completed, contact the SR for your NEW state and ask him/her to insert you into the chapter of your choice. 

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