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Bull Run III

BULL RUN III                                                                               JULY 22, 2023 

CVMA® 27-2 wrapped another well attended charity run for our returning attendees and first-time participants. Riders enjoyed a brand-new route that highlighted Virginia's historic scenery, and shared good times with great friends. Learn more below about this annual run, and its benefactor - the Willing Warrior Retreat at Bull Run. Thank you again to this year's partnering sponsor, Barley Naked Brewing Co. of Stafford, VA, who served as our "home base" stop for the 2nd year in a row. Owned by Missy and Barry Boyd, Retired Veteran // U.S. Coast Guard -- Barley Naked has become a valued partner and advocate in our cause. We look forward to seeing you all again at Bull Run III - 2024. 



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The first major battle of the American Civil War was the First Battle of Bull Run; the Second Battle of Bull Run occurred just a year later. These battles, fought in Northern Virginia, were amongst some of the deadliest battles of the Civil War. As an homage to the Battles of Bull Run, CVMA® 27-2 is nicknamed the Bull Run Chapter and our primary benefit ride is called Bull Run III to represent “the other Civil War,” the battle within. The ride is a symbol of our Chapter’s dedication to fighting the battle within for our Veteran brothers and sisters.

Since 2011, CVMA® 27-2 has supported efforts to help wounded veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The chapter has partnered with charity organizations across the commonwealth in hopes of making significant improvements in the lives of Virginia’s veterans and their families who have been touched by stress-related injuries or TBI.


Our annual benefit ride, Bull Run III, directly supports the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run, which is the flagship program of Willing Warriors. This retreat provides cost-free stays and programs that positively impact wounded, ill, and injured service members, disabled veterans, and their families. Their programs include more than 40+ educational and recreational activities; including seminars that address the issues of dealing with PTS and TBI. The intended outcome of these retreat stays is that the warrior, and their family members return to the routine of rebuilding their lives feeling refreshed and inspired.  

We look forward to continuing to support our veterans here in Virginia now and into the future. The ride for Bull Run III is about making a difference for our veterans and their families who fight (PTS/TBI) every day of their lives.

All event proceeds go directly towards supporting the Willing Warriors program, a 501 (c)(3) organization that is funded by private donations and sponsorship, with no cost to the service member or family.


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